PET Moulding Tools & Design

Our specialised PET experience

PET moulds and tooling are a specialty at Priority Plastic Tooling. Our highly skilled team can help with all your requirements from concept to finished tooling. With innovations like our unique designs for specific process needs, 1-piece base tooling that supports multiple platforms, and advanced thread forming capabilities we’re able to offer the industry’s best PET tools quickly and cost-effectively.

PET moulding is a key part of the personal care, household goods, food & beverage packaging industry in Australia. Its excellent properties make it ideal for light weight and high volume applications within the FMCG category and its high gloss finish makes it visually appealing for the personal care sector.  The no mess production is more environmentally friendly than other plastics on the market due to its superior strength qualities and it has been the more desirable option in industry, when considering the impacts on our environment. Many companies are now changing to PET, even for their smaller run requirements due to its superior qualities and benefits.

The outstanding properties of PET are:

  • High transparency
  • High gloss surface finish
  • Very good stability
  • High pressure resistance
  • Good barrier properties
  • Light weight
  • Precise moulding of the bottle neck

PET offers many unique properties that make it ideal for certain applications over the other materials. For example its superior tensile strength and gas permeation properties make it ideal for CSD bottles used for soft drinks. The same gas barrier properties mean it can have superior shelf life to other plastics.

What we offer to you as our valued customer

  • Our knowledge of precision CNC machining
  • Optimised tool designs – Single or Multi Cavity
  • High quality and precision machined tooling
  • Competitive pricing
  • Realistic lead times