Priority Patterns

Priority Patterns & Tooling - Tool makers, CNC Milling and Blow Moulding specialists

Priority Plastic Tooling (formerly Priority Patterns & Tooling) specialises in the design, development and manufacture of high quality, precision tooling for injection, injection stretch blow (PET) and extrusion blow moulding applications. With the latest in CAD/CAM programming, CNC machinery and 3D Printing at our disposal, our highly skilled professional team of operators work tirelessly to convert the best quality materials into the highest quality tools that will help service your long term requirements.

Technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail.


Highly Skilled Team

Our in-house tool design is by a highly skilled team of tradesmen with years of tool making and precision engineering experience.

Modern state of the art Toolroom

We have a modern fully equipped toolroom including the latest master cam cad/cam facilities.

Premium quality

We offer premium quality and value with expertise and flexibility in tool making based here in Melbourne, Australia.